Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit service will allow our clients to meet the objectives of their organizations, keeping profitability balanced and adequate risk management, which will yield greater added value. We propose a transformation approach for the internal audit areas, ranging from the realization of their diagnoses to the establishment of a plan for their transformation, incorporating excellence in their activities under modern cutting-edge approaches and complying with national and international standards.

We provide solutions to our clients to align the internal audit function with the business strategy. Our firm has invested great efforts in equipment, methods and technology to support our commitment to quality and innovation. We use support tools that consider the transformation of the internal audit life cycle, achieving a level of efficiency, profitability and excellence.

Our services include:

  • Outsourcing.
  • Co-Sourcing.
  • Transformation of Internal Audit.
  • Special Internal Audit Exams

About López Abad & Asociados

López Abad & Asociados Auditores Consultores, is an auditing, consulting, accounting and talent training company, led by Peruvian partners, trained in international audit firms, top-level private and state entities, who have solid knowledge and experience of services distinctive in large corporations and business groups in the country and abroad.


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