Multidisciplinary team

Companies are increasingly betting on the creation of a multidisciplinary work team
made up of professionals from different specializations.

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We want to be recognized by the Peruvian business community as a leading and highly competitive
Firm with high professional standards.

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BOKS International

We represent BOKS International, one of the UK's leading accounting firms.

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Our services

We are a team of professionals with more than 30 years in the professional market, trained and with vast experience in the various services we offer:


Through our Review and Professional Opinion of the financial statements that we audit, we provide important information to the various Stakeholders, which is related to their reasonableness and compliance with the required accounting standards.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit service will allow our clients to meet the objectives of their organizations, keeping profitability balanced and adequate risk management, which will yield greater added value.

Business Risk Management

Each organization manages complex and specific risks, which leads to identifying and determining their origin, before they materialize. The COSO ERM Framework needs to be properly adopted.

Internal Control

Internal Control as a process executed from the highest levels of the organization and the involvement of all the instances of the company, has as an organizational commitment the achievement of business objectives, not constituting an end in itself.

BOKS International

We belong to one of the largest associations of accounting firms in the world

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We develop risk management processes based on ISO 31000 and ISO / IEC 27005 and in the case of data-oriented auditing, we will go to ...

  • Operational, administrative, technological and financial efficiency
  • Assurance of systems and processes
  • Risk management and corporate governance
  • Corporate sustainability and social responsibility solutions
  • Human capital management and executive search
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About López Abad & Asociados

López Abad & Asociados Auditores Consultores, is an auditing, consulting, accounting and talent training company, led by Peruvian partners, trained in international audit firms, top-level private and state entities, who have solid knowledge and experience of services distinctive in large corporations and business groups in the country and abroad.


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