Through our Review and Professional Opinion of the financial statements that we audit, we provide important information to the various Stakeholders, which is related to their reasonableness and compliance with the required accounting standards.

In this sense, López Abad & Asociados SRL – BOKS International, has adopted a professional approach, strictly rigorous in accordance with the needs and risks that businesses go through, with high ethical and quality standards from the perspective of Good Corporate Governance, seeking always add value to organizations.

Our added value consists of the interrelation of the “Strategic”, “Operational”, “Information” and “Compliance” objectives of the organizations, thus providing a comprehensive view of business risks, from a preventive and preservation of value, diligently taking care not to incur functions of incompatibility, independence and conflict of interest.

Our work approach includes the participation of Audit Partners in all stages of a review process, who with their experience contribute and guarantee the quality of the assignments assumed.

About López Abad & Asociados

López Abad & Asociados Auditores Consultores, is an auditing, consulting, accounting and talent training company, led by Peruvian partners, trained in international audit firms, top-level private and state entities, who have solid knowledge and experience of services distinctive in large corporations and business groups in the country and abroad.


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